A year in the life of Anchors and Juniors BB:


It’s that time of year again. A new year starts for Boys Brigade with a new Captain, Ed. Our thanks to Simon for all his years of dedication as Captain of our company and the invaluable input he gave to Anchors and Juniors. Last year we started our year with an awards evening complete with bouncy castle and we ended our year with an awards evening so the boys could thank Simon personally for being our Captain and all his help over the year complete with giant handmade care and cake.


As you all know Anchors and Juniors meet every Friday night between 6.30 and 7.30 pm. The boys work towards their badges awarded at the end of the year based on the following themes;


Body – fit for fun:       a variety of games and physical activities


Mind – think and do: puzzles and quizzes, thinking games and treasure hunts, hobbies and collections


Spirit – God and me: devotions, prayers and worship, bible stories and characters, Christian festivals


Community – me and my world: conservation, the local community, the church and helping others


Creativity – make and do: crafts, cooking, mime and drama


Over the last year the Anchors and Juniors had three main themes. We had two spiritual themes, the story of Joseph and the life of Jesus. We also looked at the five senses.

Our main activities for the above were;


We explored the story of Joseph acting out some parts of the story, creating our own coloured versions of his coat and talked about dreams.


We learnt about Jesus’s birth, baptism, temptation and miracles.


We made our own version of the fishing game so the boys could learn about how Jesus met his disciples and how we could all be “fishers of men”.


We made paper boats to see if we could get them to float on water and how they would react in a storm!


We learnt about the five senses by tasting, smelling and touching food and items when blindfolded. We played memory games and the whisper game. At the same time we learnt about how Jesus healed many people.


We learnt about the “feeding of five thousand men” by sharing our own version of loaves and fishes.


We learnt about Jesus’s death and resurrection, making Easter lanterns, palms, completing a wordsearch.


In addition we made leaf wreaths for Harvest, made Valentine cards, made Christmas stockings and cards, made Mother’s Day candles and Father’s Day key rings, made pancakes, made Hamma bead designs, had fireworks and apple bobbing, played many different games and sports, did cooking, went to the pantomime to see Peter Pan, had a Christmas party and had a day out at Hobbletown farm.


Yet again a tiring but very rewarding year. Already started on the next one.


Sarah Lipscombe





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