A year in the life of Anchors and Juniors BB:


A new year with a new captain; full of fun and games. Our numbers have increased and we regularly get 20 boys on a Friday night. As usual Kim and I run the section with help from Mark and 3 new helpers this year, my sister Emma, Roxanne, Kim’s daughter and Hayley, Roxanne’s partner. Our little team have gelled well!


As you all know Anchors and Juniors meet every Friday night between 6.30 and 7.30 pm. The boys work towards their badges awarded at the end of the year based on the following themes;


Body – fit for fun:       a variety of games and physical activities


Mind – think and do: puzzles and quizzes, thinking games and treasure hunts, hobbies and collections


Spirit – God and me: devotions, prayers and worship, bible stories and characters, Christian festivals


Community – me and my world: conservation, the local community, the church and helping others


Creativity – make and do: crafts, cooking, mime and drama


Over the last year the Anchors and Juniors we started a new theme; “Elements” and have based all of our activities around each of the four elements. This past year we have focussed on “Water” and “Earth”.


We started the year with water.


We learnt about the composition of water, uses, states of water, dangers, cleaning of water and the water cycle.


We made rain gauges, slush puppies, lemonade and snowflakes.


We learnt about Jonah and the Whale and Noah’s Ark.


We learnt the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer and the Last Supper with our home made lemonade and hot cross buns. We marbled eggs and learnt about the Resurrection.


We then moved onto earth.


We learnt about the composition of the earth, the solar system, caring for the environment and re-cycling and made our own re-cycled paper.


We learnt about the story of the sower and planted geraniums in the Church garden.


We learnt about Creation and created a numbered picture of the events.


In addition we iced cakes and made Easter Bunny crispies, celebrated Chinese New Year, made Valentine heart coasters, made Christmas cards and had a Christmas quiz, made Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards, made pancakes, had our annual Easter Egg hunt, had fireworks and apple bobbing and played many different games and sports


We held our Christmas party and took the boys to the cinema in Kingston to see the new Lego movie, “Everything is awesome”!!! We finished our year off with a trip to Battersea Park to visit the zoo and the adventure playground.


We start our new year continuing with the theme of earth celebrating harvest and holding our awards evening.


Sarah Lipscombe




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