Anchors and Juniors – 2015/2016 – A round-up of the year:

Hello everybody. A round-up of what has been happening in the world of Anchors and Juniors. Slightly later this year than usual!

We’ve been meeting every Friday between 6.30 and 7.30 pm; coming together to learn whilst having fun and games remembering God in everything we do. The BB motto is “which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast” and remembering God in all that we do is helps us to anchor our lives.

The boys take part in different activities all aimed to help them achieve their badges in recognition of their participation. These are;

Body – fit for fun

Mind – think and do

Spirit – God and me

Community – me and my world

Creativity – make and do

This year we started our new two year theme of “The Body”. At the start of Autumn tem 2015 we made a height chart and measured the height of each boy so that we could check how much each boy grew in one year. For Harvest we looked at the different food groups and vitamins and minerals – identifying foods that belonged to each group and exploring their importance to our growth and health. We then looked at how we could make our diets more healthy – designing our own healthy food plates, making 5 a day fruit and vegetable kebabs and playing healthy food games. We talked about how our bodies taste and digest the food – blind taste testing different flavoured crisps, ice-cream and jelly. We talked about speech, language and how we communicate and learnt about “The Tower of Babel” and our teeth and how we can keep them healthy.

We held our annual review where the boys received their well-earned badges from the year before and remembered the First World War in particular looking at the roles of animals for a special commemorative badge. Fireworks was once again a joint venture with GB and the children had fun playing the chocolate game, making chocolate marsh mellow “sparklers”, apple bobbing and playing the very messy flour cake game. The boys joined the girls again for a special Thursday evening “Toy and Christmas” parade followed by a joint Christmas party complete with festive jumpers.



In the New Year we looked at how our bodies breathe and how our hearts work. We talked about the love that God has shown us all.

To help the boys look at Easter in a new way each squad made their version of the Easter garden and then examined the resurrection when we looked at the eye.

The boys continued looking at the senses; learning about the eye – optical illusions, playing “sight” games and undertaking an obstacle course blindfolded; the nose – blind smelling games, the ear – identifying different sounds and touch – blind touch games.        

In addition the boys were kept busy making pizzas, pancakes, valentine wooden decorated tea light holders, Mother’s and Father’s day cards, doing word searches, labelling diagrams of the body and crosswords, Christmas and Father’s Day cards, made Hamma bead crafts, made sun catchers, played games and sports made.


We went to see Pinocchio at Christmas and finished our hectic year with a delayed Summer trip to Bracknell Discovery Centre, a hands on science exhibits and puzzles including a body and perception zone.  

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