Camping is, admittedly, not for everyone, (Hence why the Girls Brigade stay indoors “True Glamping”) but it is totally an unforgettable experience.  If you ask any boy no matter if they joined the 5th KandM yesterday or in 1940’s, I can guarantee they will say the same thing about camp. “Can we have flushing toilets next year” then shortly followed by “Highlight of our year”.  This year the weather was not great when the kids arrived on Sunday.  Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain when putting up a tent apparently.  But the rain did not last long, and the stage was set for another truly remarkable week. The campsite always looks amazing and it was shame we were only staying for a week.


The activities this year included Crazy Snooker, Swimming, Laser Quest, Basketball, Cooking, and even spinning which was interesting to say the least. I think we all experienced a moment in the spin class when we were absolutely shattered and the instructor told us to turn it up, so we secretly pretend to!!! but it was great fun nonetheless.  As usual the girls joined us on the Wednesday along with Peter and his wife to sit on a cold, wind swept beach before the brave kids ventured into the sea. Unfortunately Peter forgot his swimsuit and reluctantly watched from the shore!!  Then back to the campsite for a very competitive boys v girls “knockout competition” with obstacle courses, tug of war, spelling! Etc. I’m please to say the boys won!!! but only just.


Our theme for the week was “The World and the Environment” and we explored both the positives and the negatives impacts we are having on our environment. We showed by having faith and with God’s help we can help look after our environment responsibly. This was included in our evening prayers which were made even more poignant by sitting around the campfire under a blanket of stars.


The winner of the tent competition was awarded to Aaron Warner who was the tent commander for Tent 2, after a hard fought battle.  Also a special thanks should go to the cookhouse for all their mouth-watering dishes they produced throughout the week.  Every year they seem to outdo themselves.  Camp would simply not happen without the dedication and the expertise of all the leaders to make is so enjoyable for everyone.



At the end of another amazing week with all the tents carefully packed away for another year. We waved good-bye to the campsite but keeping all the memories of friendships, good times, the delicious meals, new experiences close to our hearts.  We leave with a smile on our faces, knowing we will be back again next year.   As camp is our own mini-world, when you are there everything else ceases to matter and the petty day to day trifles of modern life fade away. It’s a great place to take stock and remember how truly fabulous the world God has made for us is.

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