Boys Brigade Summer Camp 2017

This year it was safe to say, I did not utter the words, “Make sure your sun cream is at least factor 50!!”  As on the advance party to setup the staff continuously sheltered in-between heavy downpours and only rushing out when the rain eased enough to put up the canvas.  But by the next day when the boys arrived everything was done, the staff worked as well-oiled team, all doing their designated jobs to perfection from years of practice.   

After the boys had explored the campsite and set up their tents, I revealed that for our 64th Camp a unique logo was designed and everyone was given a jumper with this embroidery on.  I’m guessing their parents must have been a bit surprised when their son arrived home with their bag full of clean clothes; as they never took of their new jumpers and wore them the entire week.

This year we had some brand new activities from Raft building to visiting a RNLI life boat centre. In hindsight we should have visited the RNLI first as we needed some much valuable advice!! As one group had a bit of a disadvantage as when they carried their raft to the water it dismantled automatically. But after a few minutes of frantic knot tying it was resembled and floating in the water ready to race.   Unfortunately it soon disintegrated again when they set off with a lot of laughter from the staff, they then decided to abandon the raft and swim to safety. Raft building was great fun which incorporated a lot of team work, coordination in building and paddling the rafts. Other activities at camp included, Night hikes, Swimming, Cinema, Museums, Bowling, team building games and lots more for an actioned packed week.

The theme for this year was “Equality and Diversity” and our morning thoughts and evening prayers were all related to this theme, some of the subject explored were: Are we all equal? How are we diverse? What can we do to ensure people are fairly treated? How can we appreciate our differences? By the end of the week the boys learnt that everyone is equal but we are all different which make us unique, could you imagine a world where everyone was the same? This is always a very special part of camp and was well received by all. 

All good things must come to an end and after another amazing week at camp it is was a shame to be packing up. But the memories of friendships, good times, the delicious meals, new experiences we discovered at camp will stay with us till next year. A special thanks must always go to the staff, who every year gives up a full week of their precious annual leave at work, to make this happen. Without their dedication it would simply not happen as it takes a great deal of organisation to pull of an amazing camp year after year.


Ed Bailey (Captain) 

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